Your Local Church!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Church's Vision Statement?

A:   Life, Growth, Community- in Christ

Q: What is the Church's Core Values?

A:   Integrity, Spirit Led, Generosity, Compassion and Excellence,

Q: Where is your church?

A:  6 Clifton Commons Ct., Clifton Park, NY

This is the address of the Shenendehowa Adult Community Center. We rent the Center on Sunday mornings for our worship service. The Senior Center is located on the Clifton Commons which is just off of Vischer Ferry Road and route 146.  The senior center is a lovely,  good sized,  red brick building.  We rent the building about three hours a week on Sunday mornings.  So if you're scouting our location you won't find a lot of evidence we're there during the week, but trust your GPS.

Q: 635 Englemore Road, Clifton Park, NY (second key address)

A:  Our church purchased this property a number of years ago and (God willing) one day a church building will be located at this location. Right now there is a parsonage on this property and our youth pastor lives here.  If you do need any information, or would just like to look around please feel free to drop by.